Mindy Neff
The Bad Boy Next Door

The Bad Boy Next DoorWhat was Cody Brock doing?
Hallie Fortune wanted to marry a safe, boy-next-door type of man. Her real neighbor, the official town bad boy, would never do. But suddenly, every time she had a date, Cody was there—at her house… read more

“Sinfully bad, passionately exciting & sweetly poignant. Neff has created a romance you won’t want to miss!” –Affaire de Coeur (5 stars)
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Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge

The Rancher’s Mail-Order Bride (Book 1) The Playboy’s Own Miss Prim (Book 2) The Horseman’s Convenient Wife (Book 3) Cheyenne’s Lady (Book 4) The Doctor’s Instant Family (Book 5) The Preacher’s In- Name- Only Wife (Book 6) Shotgun Ridge (Book 7)
The Ranchers Mail Order BrideThe Playboy’s Own Miss PrimThe Horseman’s Convenient WifeCheyenne’s Lady

The Doctor’s Instant FamilyThe Preacher’s In- Name- Only WifeShotgun Ridge

Texas Sweethearts

Courted By A Cowboy (Book 1) Surprised By A Baby (Book 2) Rescued By A Rancher (Book 3) Tempted By A Texan (Book 4)
Courted By A CowboySuprised by a BabyRescued By A RancherTempted By A Texan