Courted by a Cowboy

Texas Sweethearts Series – Book One
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As young girls, they vowed to be best friends forever—a promise they kept through happiness and heartbreak! Now these four Texas Sweethearts are all turning thirty. In spite of busy lives, full-time careers, and an assortment of beloved animals and meddling townsfolk, true love is destined to surprise each one of them in the magical little world of their own hometown.

Bamboozled Into Going Home Again…

Ten years ago, Sunny Carmichael left Hope Valley, Texas and became a veterinary disease specialist—a darn good one! When her meddling, matchmaking mother urges her to come home to investigate the mysterious deaths of several cows before news spreads and ruins the local cattle industry, Sunny reluctantly agrees, even though she will likely run into the man who broke her heart and caused her to flee her small hometown so long ago.

He has no idea he’s been set up…

Jackson Slade never forgot the girl who got away. But he had to put the painful past behind him and move on with his life. Now a widowed, single-father, he is raising his quiet little girl alone on his ranch that is suddenly losing cattle. With his livelihood and life in possible jeopardy, the last person he expects to find nosing around his herd is the very same woman he’s tried to forget—Sunny Carmichael.

Now what? A second chance at love…?

Although this Texas Sweetheart is not home to stay, it isn’t long before the passionate spark that fired their youthful romance quickly blazes into a scorching flame. Now Sunny and Jack have two problems on their hands: a deadly cattle epidemic and their undeniable attraction!

Surprised by a Baby

Texas Sweethearts Series – Book Two
Available March 5, 2018
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As young girls, they vowed to be best friends forever—a promise they kept through happiness and heartbreak! Now these four Texas Sweethearts are all turning thirty. In spite of busy lives, full-time careers, and an assortment of beloved animals and meddling townsfolk, true love is destined to surprise each one of them in the magical little world of their own hometown.
A Texas Sweetheart in trouble with the law?

Donetta Presley is a magnet for guys. Sometimes really bad guys. Although she presents an air of confidence, a failed marriage has left her vowing to stay away from serious relationships. Never say never. One impulsive night of passion in the arms of the local lawman rocks her whole world forever. Like it or not, a long-term relationship is about to begin…and it’s going to be complicated. To make matters worse, he’s her best friend’s brother, an ex-Texas Ranger and a man she’s sworn would always be off limits.

She’s #1 on his Most Wanted list…

Sheriff Storm Carmichael knows what trouble looks like, and the long-legged owner of the town’s hair salon is just that—with a capital T. When the fire marshal red-tags her building for code violations, Storm has the unlucky duty of shutting down Donetta’s business and closing her tiny apartment above the salon. He expects all hell to break loose, but he never could have dreamed that his Texas Sweetheart would be having his baby! Now this daddy-to-be is determined to change Donetta’s mind about men and marriage and prove to her once and for always that good guys do exist–and he’s the one for her!

Rescued by a Rancher

Texas Sweethearts Series – Book Three
Available April 2, 2018
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As young girls, they vowed to be best friends forever—a promise they kept through happiness and heartbreak! Now these four Texas Sweethearts are all turning thirty. In spite of busy lives, full-time careers, and an assortment of beloved animals and meddling townsfolk, true love is destined to surprise each one of them in the magical little world of their own hometown.
What Happens When A Texas Sweetheart Is Born With A Silver Spoon? She Stirs Up Trouble In Hope Valley!
Once upon a time…

Fabulous dinner parties, silks, satin and high society—Tracy Lynn Randolph is the valley’s very own fairy-tale princess. Until she decides to fulfill her most precious wish and have a baby. Never mind that fertility clinics and fairy tales don’t mix! She’s about to scandalize Hope Valley during the Christmas holiday—unless someone can wave a wand and make the perfect prince appear.

A lonesome cowboy got lucky…

Cowboy horse breeder Linc Slade has never met a damsel in distress, but he can tell a class act, and every inch of Tracy Lynn’s exquisite blond beauty says thoroughbred, loud and clear. He’s loved her forever, it seems. Now one rash rescue leads to another, and before he knows it, she’s in his arms for real in a magical marriage-of-convenience. Can the magic last? Will his Christmas wish actually come true?

Tempted by a Texan

Texas Sweethearts Series – Book Four
On Sale May 1, 2018
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As young girls, they vowed to be best friends forever—a promise they kept through happiness and heartbreak! Now these four Texas Sweethearts are all turning thirty. In spite of busy lives, full-time careers, and an assortment of beloved animals and meddling townsfolk, true love is destined to surprise each one of them in the magical little world of their own hometown.

Her Knight In Shining Armor Came Armed With A Colt .45

Becca Sue Ellsworth is the youngest of the Texas Sweethearts and her biological clock is ticking loudly—especially since her three best friends are now married with children. Her own chances of happily-ever-after are looking pretty bleak, but things get even darker when someone breaks into her antiques bookstore. That serious brush with danger sparks an old flame when Attorney Colby Flynn comes to Becca’s rescue. He’s the man who broke her heart seven years ago but left her with the unconditional promise to help make her most important dream come true. Now, Becca Sue wonders if his promise is one she can still claim.

They’d made a baby pact…

She’s a woman who wants marriage and babies; he’s a man who fears being tied down. But when Becca is hurt, Colby is determined to move in and take care of her. Playing house together makes him wonder why they’d ever parted in the first place—she’s totally adorable except for the fact that she creates chaos wherever she goes and he thrives on order!

But he doesn’t plan to stay…

Having the sexy lawyer around the house while she recuperates is hard on Becca’s self-control, especially since he’ll be leaving for a big-city career opportunity in three weeks. Becca has always wanted his baby but now she wants this man even more. Can she convince Colby to turn their baby pact in to a binding contract?

The Cowboy Is A Daddy

The-Cowboy-is-a-Daddy“A brilliant marriage of convenience with a fresh new twist!”
When Wyoming cowboy Brice DeWitt placed an ad for a housekeeper-cook at his Flying D Ranch, he expected a sturdy, mature woman—not a petite, pregnant applicant who was about to deliver on his doorstep. Madison Carlyle needed his protection—and his name. But an isolated Wyoming ranch in the middle of winter was no place for a new mother and child. If he let them stay, he risked his heart. But if he sent them away, would he miss his best chance at having the one thing he’d always wanted? A family?

A Romantic Times Top Pick and W.I.S.H. award recipient for outstanding hero.
“What woman could resist a big strong man with a tiny newborn? Tough guy Brice DeWitt displays a charming soft side to win our hearts completely. A true delight and Mindy Neff makes it work on every level.”–Romantic Times (4 ½ STARS)

“…Mindy Neff gives us a hero to die for . . . and a story chock full of touching scenes that will wrap around your heart. Brilliant . . . a marriage of convenience with a fresh new twist!” –WCRG on AOL Reviewer Board.

“This book brought so many smiles it was just a pleasure to read. The Cowboy is a Daddy is a book that makes your world a little brighter. Fantastic!” –Bell Book and Candle (5 BELLS!!!)

“Neff has a flair for wonderful characters and the unexpected that make this story unforgettable!” –Affaire de Coeur (4 ½ stars)

(RITA Award Finalist)
(National Reader’s Choice Award Finalist)
(Golden Quill Award Finalist)
(HOLT Medallion Award Finalist)

ISBN 978-0-911141-2-2 May 6, 2016

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Adam’s Kiss

Adam’s KissHe has an extraordinary secret and…
A face she’d never seen…
Since her beloved Jason’s death, Molly Kincade has dedicated her life to teaching under underprivileged kids in Los Angeles. She has no time for anything–or anyone–else.
Then, like a fantasy superhero, Adam Walsh rescues her in a dark alley. The swift, melting attraction she feels for the stranger stuns Molly and ignites a passion and hope she thought long dead. She’s never seen this man before, yet he has…

Eyes she’ll always remember…
Adam Walsh is many things; none of them ordinary. It’s as if he can see into Molly’s soul, read her thoughts and feelings as if they’re written across a classroom blackboard. Then their lips meet in…

A kiss she’ll never forget…
Past and present are superimposed in Molly’s heart. Because denial, secrets and appearances aside, she recognizes his kiss. It’s another man’s!

(1998 RITA Award Finalist)

“Exciting, passionate & extremely poignant.” –Affaire de Coeur (4 ½ STARS)

“Pure Joy . . . a not to be missed book!” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 ½ STARS)

“Wonderful story…intriguing and exciting, yet heart-wrenching. Emotion packed and strong, unforgettable characters.” –Rendezvous

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A Family Man

A-Family-Man“Make love to me.”
A desperate Josie Alexander spoke those words to a stranger on a rainy backwoods road. She didn’t allow herself to consider the risks—only the consequences. A lifetime of caution, of always doing the right thing meant nothing in the face of her despair. She was sure fate had put him in her path. He was going to be the miracle she needed. Four years later, Chase Fowler still knew her face; he’d carried it in his heart ever since their night together. But it was the face of Josie’s three-year-old boy that surprised him. Chase had finally come to claim what was rightfully his in this tiny Louisiana town—and now that included his own son. But the boy wasn’t the only secret between them…

“A wonderful mix of complex problems and no easy answers in a romance you will love!” –Affaire de Coeur (4 ½ STARS)

“A dynamite read! Dramatic and deeply emotional. Mindy Neff is top-notch!” –Charlotte Maclay

ISBN 978-0-911141-3-9 June 10, 2016

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The Bad Boy Next Door

The Bad Boy Next DoorWhat was Cody Brock doing?
Hallie Fortune wanted to marry a safe, boy-next-door type of man. Her real neighbor, the official town bad boy, would never do. But suddenly, every time she had a date, Cody was there—at her house, at the restaurant, even at the grocery store! If Hallie didn’t know better, she’d think Cody was sabotaging her husband hunt. And bringing his baby daughter along as an accomplice!

“Sinfully bad, passionately exciting & sweetly poignant. Neff has created a romance you won’t want to miss!” –Affaire de Coeur (5 stars)

“Great dialogue and characters make the pages sizzle with electricity!” –Rendezvous
May 2013
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The Rancher’s Mail-Order Bride (Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge Series, Book1)

The Ranchers Mail Order BrideWanted: Women and Babies. Where: Shotgun Ridge, Montana. When: As soon as possible!
Wyatt Malone had been ambushed! The little boy staring earnestly at him thought Wyatt was his new dad—and the boy’s pregnant mommy claimed to be his bride-to-be. The old matchmakers had gone too far this time and now it was up to Wyatt to tell Hannah Richmond and her adorable son that they’d been had by four well-meaning old cowpokes. Except that when Hannah looked at him like he was the best thing since sliced bread and made him feel like a complete man, Wyatt began to think that maybe the old fellas were right—and that could be dangerous for the whole town!

(Walden’s Bestseller List)

“A story full of heart and humor . . . vulnerable rancher Wyatt Malone will melt readers’ hearts.”
–Romantic Time Magazine (4 ½ GOLD MEDAL) TOP PICK and W.I.S.H. award recipient for outstanding hero.
ISBN 0-373-16809-8 June 2000

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The Playboy’s Own Miss Prim (Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge, Book 2 )

The Playboy’s Own Miss PrimThe Playboy is a daddy!
Wild horses couldn’t get Ethan Callahan to settle down…but a bundle of baby could. Especially when the child was his—and was hand delivered by the preacher’s daughter! It was a good thing a full-grown woman came with the baby, because while Ethan was renowned for his know-how with females, he knew next to nothing about kids.
Dora Watkins had specific instructions from her sweet charge’s mama to make certain Ethan would change his ways to care for his own. But the otherwise prim-and-proper Dora also wanted something in return from the playboy—a night in his arms.

(2001 Orange Rose finalist—best long contemporary)

(Walden’s Bestseller List)
“With her flair for humor intact, Mindy Neff will once again delight.” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 ½ GOLD MEDAL) TOP PICK.
ISBN 0-373-16834-9 July 2000

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The Horseman’s Convenient Wife (Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge, Book 3)

The Horseman’s Convenient WifeNot in name only . . .?
Single father Stony Stratton was sure he was safe from the meddling matchmakers of Shotgun Ridge . . . until Eden Williams arrived on his ranch with an outrageous proposal. Eden had only six months to make a baby or forever hold her peace. Stony was just the man for the job. A gentle giant if there ever was one, he’d embodied all of the good qualities Eden hoped to pass on to her child—and possessed all of the male sex appeal a woman could want. Taking Eden to bed would be Stony’s pleasure, but he wouldn’t do it without taking her down the aisle first.

(2001 Orange Rose Award Winner)
(Walden’s Bestseller List)

“Stony Stratton is a gentleman who takes his responsibilities seriously, knows how to read a woman even when she says nothing, and doesn’t even seem aware of his own appeal. This hero would make it onto any woman’s wish list . . . Mindy Neff masterfully blends humor with a romance that will melt your heart. What results is sheer delight.” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 ½ GOLD MEDAL) TOP PICK and W.I.S.H. award recipient for outstanding hero.
ISBN 0-373-16838-1 August 2000

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Cheyenne’s Lady (Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge, Book 4)

Cheyenne’s LadyThe Sheriff Surrenders.
He guarded his town with an eagle eye…but even Sheriff Cheyenne Bodine couldn’t save himself from the outrageous Shotgun Ridge matchmakers. Seems they’d “rented” his house to lovely surrogate mom-to-be, Emily Vincent. And while the big city beauty would tempt a saint to live in sin, Cheyenne’s lawman’s oath permitted no such indiscretions. Sending Emily home would protect and serve them both…
Though the proud country lawman stole her breath, Emily knew her stay was temporary. Except…when she told Cheyenne that the babies she carried were his orphaned kin, she found herself under house arrest. The bail? Bonds of matrimony!

(Winner of the WordWeaving Award for Excellence)
(Walden’s Bestseller’s List)

“These are imperfect and loving characterizations that remain with the readers long after the last page is turned. Indeed, a character driven romance that explores the joy and pain of birth and death, CHEYENNE’S LADY belongs on the keeper shelf. Very highly recommended.” –Cindy Penn, Word Wrap review editor.
“With a great sense of warm emotions, Mindy Neff has penned a keeper in CHEYENNE’S LADY.”
–Romantic Times Magazine (4 ½ stars)
ISBN 0-373-16898-5 November 2001

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The Doctor’s Instant Family (Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge, Book 5)

The Doctor’s Instant FamilyA doctor in her stocking?
Kelly Anderson had heard of the notorious Shotgun Ridge matchmakers. She just never dreamed they’d pair her with her new boss, the town’s own sexy, single M.D., Chance Hammond. The man was one potent male package with a wicked bedside manner—surely not what the doctor ordered for a widow with two scared little girls and one big secret! But the carefree playboy had his own secret side. For when they had no place to go just days before Christmas, it was Chance who opened his home, Chance whose gentle ways made her daughters smile. She’d prayed for a Christmas miracle—had she instead found a man whose tender care could heal all their broken hearts?

(Walden’s Bestseller List)

“Delightful reading. A refreshing and honest novel filled with the challenges of betrayal, healing, and compromise . . . Highly recommended! –Cindy Penn, Word Wrap (
“Ms. Neff has blended family traditions and fantastic characters to create a warm, tender love story . . . complete with passion, charm and everlasting love.” –
4 plugs—excellent
ISBN 0-373-16902-7 December 2001

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The Preacher’s In- Name- Only Wife (Bachelors of Shotgun Ridge, Book 6)

The Preacher’s In- Name- Only WifeIn name only?
Dan Lucas thought he was safe from the matchmakers of Shotgun Ridge, Montana. As the preacher, he was supposed to perform weddings, not take part in them! But when beautiful photojournalist Amy Marshall came to him with her plight, he found her offer impossible to refuse. Amy needed to marry Dan to fulfill the terms of her grandfather’s will. However, she hadn’t bargained on becoming an instant wife and mother, when Dan unexpectedly received custody of an orphan baby. Brand-new feelings for both had Amy facing a difficult decision. Was she about to let her marriage become real…body and soul?

“With her usual entertaining sense of humor, Mindy Neff strikes again with PREACHER’S IN-NAME-ONLY-WIFE.” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 ½ stars)
ISBN 0-373-16906-X January 2002

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They’re The One! (Latin Lovers–Tall, Dark and Irresistible, Book 1)

They’re The One!He’s every woman’s fantasy, but only one woman’s dream come true.
The test was positive—but Brianna Duvaulle couldn’t remember how—or by whom!—she’d gotten pregnant. And to make matters worse, the most handsome, gallant man she’d ever met had launched an all-out, no-holds-barred, romantic pursuit of her—too late! Joseph Castillo showered her with gifts and affection, but it was the lure of his passion and devotion that Brianna could not resist. Except she didn’t expect Joseph to compromise his impeccable lineage for her and her mystery baby—especially when his family had already arranged for him to marry someone else. If only Joseph was the mystery daddy…

(1998 National Reader’s Choice Award Winner)
“A book that will make it to the keeper shelf. The very talented and witty Mindy Neff constantly turns out works of fiction that would make great romantic films and this one is no exception!” –Harriet Klausner, AOL Reviews.
“…They’re the One! Is a must read for anyone looking for a truly marvelous book!” –Jackie Lovejoy, Covina Bookstore.

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The Virgin & Her Bodyguard (Latin Lovers—Tall, Dark & Irresistible, Book 2)

The Virgin & Her BodyguardA house full of babies and a very brawny man…
Cole had made a solemn promise to protect Raquel and her virtue, to never leave her side. But he didn’t bargain for baby-sitting duties to boot! Raquel’s small country home wasn’t big enough for her, her baby photography studio and her bodyguard—especially one as sexy and infuriating as Cole! He was always underfoot, watching her, touching her…How could she ignore him when the tough man held a baby so tenderly? Pint-size diversions were a welcome break from the siren call of Raquel whose innocence and unknowing allure confounded Cole between honor and duty and the needs of a man.

“…Suspense, danger, a sexy hero and a worthy heroine make for an enjoyable escape.” –Affaire de Coeur (4 stars)

“…Neff tells a great story with enticing characters and a captivating plot.” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 stars)

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The Playboy & The Mommy (Latin Lovers—Tall, Dark & Irresistible, Book 3)

The Playboy & The MommyA small-town single mom with commitment written all over her.
Chelsa Lawrence’s two girls were her love, her life. They lived a solitary existence with no neighbors, no intruders, no men. Until Antonio Castillo changed all of that. Brimming with masculinity and male sex appeal, he took Chelsa’s breath away with one kiss, charmed her daughters with his genuine smile—and filled their quiet lives with laughter and love. But Chelsa was not a one-night woman… Antonio was not the marrying kind. Yet Chelsa soon had the bachelor rethinking his thoughts on marriage. She was hearth, home—everything he believed he didn’t need. Her kisses drove him mad with desire and tasted… just like his destiny?

(2000 Orange Rose Award finalist)

“…Neff’s characters will draw you into their story and work their way into your heart.” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 ½ STARS)

“…A great finish for this series. Don’t miss it!” –Rendezvous

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Suddenly A Daddy

Suddenly A DaddyYou’re going to be a daddy!
Bridegroom Dylan Montgomery was the kind of man who could take anything on the chin and give as good as he got in business and in life. But when Dylan found one of Karl Delaney’s infamous notes in his tux pocket that said he would be a father, a light breeze could have flattened Dylan. Because the mother could only be Karl’s niece, Whitney Emerson. Whit was the one woman who made Dylan want to turn in his bachelor status to be her husband. But was their one night of passion the only secret she wanted to keep? Would the other be showing just in time for Dylan’s prearranged marriage to an in-name-only wife…”

(2000 Orange Rose Award finalist)

“…Strong, stubborn, lovable, wonderful characters that make for a terrific not-to-be-put-down read.”

“…A charmer…and a delightful new series.” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 STARS)

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A Bachelor For The Bride

A Bachelor For The BrideA bachelor to go.
Jordan Grazer had to go through with the wedding to save her family from disaster. But her heart needed more. Then, in the nick of time, Tanner Caldwell whisked her away for safekeeping. Though she was anything but safe with a man so sexy. In Tanner’s strong arms Jordan felt full of hope for the first time. There was no secret past, no uncertain future, only a present filled with hand-in-hand walks in the wildflowers, sensuous kisses under the sun and long nights together. Nothing could make Jordan go back home. Except her own promise to say “I do.”

“Mindy Neff continues to redefine the parameter of category romance, thus always giving readers a fresh, original and delightful read!” –WCRG on AOL Reviewer Board

“Witty, funny story! Splendid!” –Bell Book and Candle (4 ½ BELLS)

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Too Good To Refuse

Too Good To RefuseMillie Gallagher was barely an adult when her parents died and she took on the role of “mom” to her baby sister, Lindsay. That was four years ago. Millie gave up her dream of college, worked three jobs—but never regretted her choice. Now her life was about to take a fairytale turn. She was hired as a nanny…by a sheikh.

Jeffri al-Kareem, heir to a throne, international businessman, was used to having his orders obeyed. Millie challenged his every word. She was smart, sassy and exasperating. But his son adored her. And secretly, Jeff admired her passion. Her down-to-earth charm was intoxicating…and he wanted more.

“Mindy Neff’s spunky heroine and charming children are Too Good To Refuse!” –Romantic Times Magazine
ISBN 0-373-61275-3 March 2004

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A Pregnancy And A Proposal

A Pregnancy And A ProposalFather of 3?
Flynn O’Grady was floored: After leaving his bed five months ago, Darcie Moretti walked back into his life—pregnant with his child! It took the single father of two all of twenty-four hours to figure out how to respond. He said, “Marry me, Darcie.” Darcie knew family was priority #1 for Flynn—he’d do whatever it took to ensure their baby was born with his name. But Darcie wanted more than just a “pregnancy proposal.” And she’d give Flynn four months to figure out what three other little words he had to say . . .

(Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award Winner)

“Neff blends great romance with a deep, serious storyline . . . a truly moving tale.” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 ½ GOLD MEDAL) TOP PICK
ISBN 0-373-16809-8 February 2000

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In The Enemy’s Embrace (Brides of the Desert Rose)

In The Enemy’s EmbraceThe only daughter.
Let Nick Grayson teach you the ropes around the office, her family said, and even feisty Jessica Coleman could not deny her duty—especially since one day she would inherit the family business. But still shamed by her teenage infatuation with the arrogant executive, Jessica decided to play it cool and distant…all the while making Nick drool and regret what he’s so carelessly turned down years ago. However, her carefully laid out play spun out of control when Nick took her in his arms for a soul-searing kiss that led to a heated night of passion. Soon Jessica wondered how she’d survive falling for the enemy with her heart intact…

“Sparks fly as Mindy Neff’s feuding associates entertain and entice…” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 STARS)
ISBN 0-373-16925-6 June 2002

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The Inconveniently Engaged Prince (The Carradignes: American Royalty)

The Inconveniently Engaged PrinceJace Carradigne and Vicki Meadland had the kind of whirlwind courtship found only in fairy tales. But when Vicki learned that her Prince Charming was, well, a prince, and heir to a royal throne, she feared that her past secrets could get in the way of his future reign. With a dangerous enemy threatening to expose her, there was only one thing for a woman in love to do—flee for the good of her man. But Jace was used to getting what he wanted. And all he wanted was Vicki! Could he convince her that her past didn’t matter? Would there be a royal title in her future?

“Mindy Neff demonstrates her typical flair for romance…a magical story that will bring a smile to your face.” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 STARS)
ISBN 0-373-16946-9 November 2002

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The Secretary Gets Her Man (Texas Confidential)

The Secretary Gets Her ManThe covert agency’s newest operative is about to get her man!

THE AGENT: Penny Archer, former teenage bookworm, lately of the Texas Confidential secret agency, had finally come home to settle a score.

THE TARGET: Police Chief Joe Colter, the most popular boy in high school, was now the local law. He’d never forgotten Penny—or how he’d once crushed her girlhood fantasy.

THE MISSION: Coming back to her hometown had only one appeal: show Joe Colter the woman she’d become. Trouble was, she hadn’t realized he could still make her feel things she had long forgotten; anticipation, desire…and completion. Suddenly Texas confidential’s most resourceful agent was under heavy fire and in danger—of losing her heart!

“At her job running a government agency, she was capable and confident, but coming home to people who knew the shy awkward girl shed been was difficult, especially when that meant facing the town sheriff, who hurt her when both were young. Mindy Neff demonstrates her skill for snappy dialogue in THE SECRETARY GETS HER MAN and delivers sheer enjoyment.” –Romantic Times Magazine (4 STARS)

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