A Family Man

A-Family-Man“Make love to me.”
A desperate Josie Alexander spoke those words to a stranger on a rainy backwoods road. She didn’t allow herself to consider the risks—only the consequences. A lifetime of caution, of always doing the right thing meant nothing in the face of her despair. She was sure fate had put him in her path. He was going to be the miracle she needed. Four years later, Chase Fowler still knew her face; he’d carried it in his heart ever since their night together. But it was the face of Josie’s three-year-old boy that surprised him. Chase had finally come to claim what was rightfully his in this tiny Louisiana town—and now that included his own son. But the boy wasn’t the only secret between them…

“A wonderful mix of complex problems and no easy answers in a romance you will love!” –Affaire de Coeur (4 ½ STARS)

“A dynamite read! Dramatic and deeply emotional. Mindy Neff is top-notch!” –Charlotte Maclay

ISBN 978-0-911141-3-9 June 10, 2016

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